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Fatima of Date rush left in the lurch again

Fatima is one of the famous ladies on the show. During the second part of the event, we anticipated that Fatima could finally get her date. Her facial manifestations looked positive when Okyere Darko entered the scene. It was clear and obvious that Fatima liked the guy and the fact that she even sang for him substantiated it. However, it appeared that Okyere already had plans for either Berla or Bibi. When he was about the kind of ladies he wanted, he commenced by saying he wanted nice-looking ladies with a perfect body shape. People inferred that he would either choose Berla or Bibi.

Fatima liked the fact that Okyere Darko was a musician and had better plans for the future. Berla turned off her rush at a point and later turned it back on because she was indifferent.

In the latter part, Okyere Darko raised a sensitive question which I felt Berla answered properly. Okyere Darko then had to choose one lady after turning off two rushes. Fatima didn't look happy because from all indications she realized the guy would choose Berla over her. Fatima got disappointed once again. Hopefully, things will turn around for her well next time. Don't forget to like and share your thoughts.

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