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Remember The Popular Blue Film Actress Disowned by Her Parent? See What Has Become Of Her now

Sarah Joe Chamoun, born in Lebanon, is also called Mia Khalifá and is now known as the Lebanese-American Media Personality. She moved to Maryland in 2001, she was born in Beirut. In October 2014, she started to act in adult movie and became in two months most visited actor. Her choice of profession in the Middle East has been controversial , particularly for the video she wrote in the wear of a hijab.

Khalifa had been born in Beirut on 10 February 1993, and she moved in January 2001 with her family to the USA, fleeing her home in the aftermath of the war in South Leib. She raised a Catholic in what she describes as a 'rather religious' homeland, but is no longer a Catholic practitioner. In Germantown, Maryland she attended Northwestern High School and spoke about being "the darkest and weirdest person there" mocked at school.

Her Career

Khalifa was living in Miami before coming back to Texas during her adult movie career. In February 2011 she married her boyfriend of secondary education whose identification was not known but was called Wyatt O'Brien by a source. In 2014, they split and divorced in 2016. She joined Swedish chef Robert Sandberg in March 2019. In June 2020, after a break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, they were married in their house.

We decided to take it. We decided to take it. Alex Hawkins, one of the popular site's Vice President, Marketing said "The uproar it generated in the Arab world ended up as a 'Streisand Effekt.' No-one could have expected the negative impact it had.

Everyone's unexpectedly been calling for her. On 28 December of that year announced that it is the top artist on its website. "With more than 1.5 million streams, the 22-year-old Khalifa was the most searched artist on online, a platform for adults to upload content.

Khalifa and her former husband shared a series of adult photographs in the early 2014 on Reddit to a famous NSFW sub-edit. In October 2014, Khalifa joined the adult film industry. When asked whether she had ever considered acting in adult videos, she was walking in Miami. Following the release of a scene, during a trio with Sean Lawless and Julianna Vega, she was watching a hijab.

The scene gained Khalifa immense fame, as well as a condemnation by authors and religious people, and prompted her parents to disown her publicly. The director of the scene says, "We have not tried to manipulate the race of Khalifa.

How her parent disowned her

Khalifa has a Lebanese Flag and other Lebanese Forces Cross opening line tattoo. After a bombardment in Lebanon, she earned this latter in 2012 and said it was "to demonstrate solidarity with the political views of her father." Both tattoos were investigated by their critics.

She admitted that because of her job decision, her parents stopped talking to her. Their parents issued a statement dissociating them from their behaviour, accusing them of having joined the porn business in their home in a foreign world with a society distinct from their own and not representing their upbringing.

They also wished she escape adult movie acting claiming their appearance did not represent their families or their homeland. The Washington Post's Dan Steinberg noted that considering the career transition in Khalifa, her stream in the social media is still a little more volatile than Ben Bernanke, to say the least.

Her new Life

Khalifa is a fan of FS Florida and tried to attract Braxton Miller to Florida State via social media to move to Florida. Since her adult movie career she has used her involvement on social media to help sports professional teams from Washington , D.C. or more than 2.3 million Tweets and over 11 million Instagram subscribers. The zone, with its favorite Capitalist André Burakowsky, includes Washington Redskins, Washington Wizards and Washington Capitals. She is also a fan of the West Ham United FC English football team.

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