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Husband and wife relationship

Never Rush For Marriage: This Marriage List (Dowry) Will Amaze You After Reading It

Marriage is an agreement between a man and a woman who are ready to settle down as husband and wife by going through the legal law from both the man's and the woman's family respectively.

When a man is ready for marriage, he normally visit's the the ladies house and appear the the lady's parents that indeed he is ready.

In Alan the customary marriage is normally done at the woman's hometown and after the man takes him away by himself. In the Bible it says, for a man shall leave his father's house and settle with her woman to make family and this happens a lot all over the world.

Below is the list from a family in Ghana and I know it's from the Akans.

Items for engagement ceremony


One bottle of schnapps and 50 Ghana cedis


Cloth (half piece) - 6

Adasubor scarf - 6

Panties - 12

Underwear - 6

Brassiere - 6

Jewelry- Set

Pair of slippers- 1

Hand bag - 1

Handkerchief - 1

Ecolac - large size

Engagement ring - 1

Engagement Bible - 1

Footwear - 2 pairs

Business capital - 500 Ghana cedis

So my problem is what is this jewelry set and for what if it will be given to the woman then it means I will not buy jewelry again or what.

Will this marriage list be ok for you or you need less one and as a woman will you advice your parents to reduce these items?

Let me feel your comments in the comments session.

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