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Why Amerado Disrespected The Late Mother of Lyrical Joe

Amerado over time has made a name for himself. He became popular when he was perceived as the new hot rapper to take over from where Sarkodie left off. His popularity would rise to new heights during the Covid pandemic when he entertained many Ghanaians at home with his "Yete nsem" series.

Nowadays, Amerado goes viral anytime he is spotted with Delay or has beef with other rappers.

His recent back and forth with Lyrical Joe has been a breath of fresh air in the entertainment industry but has also caused a little controversy.

During beef, rappers are keen to make jabs by comparing their craft to that of their rivals, brag about their riches or brag about the numbers they get when they release their projects. For a rapper to extend their jabs towards personal friends and family of your opposition is often considered a low blow.

Amerado has however decided to go for the low blow in his recent beef with Lyrical Joe. Amerado disrespected the late mother of Lyrical Joe in his latest diss track titled Ponky Joe. In the track, Amerado stated that Lyrical Joe should call his mother out of the grave so he can give her a good time sexually.

Amerado diss song:

This comment didn't sit well with many Ghanaians as they stated that it was disrespectful to extend such comments to his late mother.

However, other Ghanaians who have been flowing the feud from the beginning are pointing out why Amerado insulted Joe's mother.

They state Amerado Insulted Lyrical Joe's mom because Lyrical Joe was the first to give a low blow by making snide remarks about Amerado and Delay. In Lyrical Joe's latest diss track he alleged that Amerado was sleeping with women old enough to be his mother, thus subtly taking a jab at Delay and how close she is to Amerado. One of the comments Lyrical Joe made was "it's time for Amerado to crawl back into mama's brazier because tonight he needs some pampering"

This is what pushed Amerado to go that far and involve the late mother of Lyrical Joe.

Lyrical Joe diss song:

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