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Tumhari Pakhi Written Episode Update Pakhi is up to something

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The Episode starts with Pakhi not listening to Maa ji and going to her room. Maa ji tries to look in her room to find out what is Pakhi is upto. Pakhi closes the door and makes some arrangements. Maa ji tries to look through the window. Pakhi says only 20mins left now. Lavanya asks Girish is this the same girl. Girish says see Lavanya. Lavanya says you are cheating me for her. She says you don’t deserve me, you deserve her. She says I m going from this house and leaving you. He says stop it. Anshuman comes home with the guests and sees Pakhi dressed in a beautiful saree and coming to welcome the guests. He says she is my wife Mrs. Pakhi Rathore.

Pakhi greets everyone Namaste and welcomes them inside the house. Pakhi did all the arrangements very well and this shocks Anshuman. He 

sees the decorations and is stunned. He says this is not possible in her budget, she has definitely took my money, its good. Pakhi is smiling. Girish asks Lavanya to listen to him. He says sorry, whats tomorrow, think. Lavanya says what? Girish says its your birthday and this girl is a model wearing a gown and I made some gowns to gift you, but you spoiled it all. Pakhi asks the guests to come and have dinner.Anshuman says she has given the welcome drink and took them for dinner….. Anshuman says I m sure she took the money from this. Pakhi comes to him and says I did some mistakes. He says you needed money and you took from this, do you want to say this. Pakhi says no, I did not need, only Rs. 3000 saved from the budget. She gives him Rs. 3000 back and music plays…. Anshuman is shocked. He looks at her. Lavanya talks to Girish and says are you annoyed. Girish says no. She says are you angry. He says no. She says sorry to him. She says you know, when a wife doubts on her husband, it means she loves him a lot and is very possessive about him. Girish says don’t you think we are getting late to go to Anshuman’s house. Lavanya says lets go fast.

Pakhi talks to Anshuman and asks why are you looking worried, is everything fine. He says yes. She says you did not tell me how is the color of my saree. He looks at her saree and she smiles. He says the saree color is ……. lets go to the guests now. Pakhi laughs. Anshuman is shocked to se the beautiful arrangements done by Pakhi. She brought mud pots and plates and decorated by it by paint and served food in it. He says did you do all this. She says do you like this. He says its amazing and nice. Music plays………….. Pakhi holds his hand.

Pakhi asks the guests to start having dinner. Everyone likes the arrangements. Anshuman cannot believe his eyes. The guests praise Pakhi and says this party is different and it has the wife’s touch. Anshuman smiles. Pakhi is happy. The servants discuss about the mud crockery and say Pakhi won everyone’s heart by this. Anshuman gets a call from a hotel and he cancels the order.

Lavanya and Girish come and talk to Anshuman asking are you ok, how was the party, was it flop. All the guests left and Anshuman shows them that Pakahi saved Rs. 3000 from Rs. 60000 for the week’s budget, even after this party’s budget. Lavanya says how can this happen. She says we hgave her less money than our weekly budget which is Rs 80000, then how did she manage so well and even saved some money. Anshuman says Pakhi won. Girish says we lost to her.

Girish says Pakhi has proved herself. Pakhi comes there and wishes happy birthday to Lavanya. Lavanya and Anshuman looks at her. Girish also wishes Lavanya and hugs her. Anshuman wishes her too. Pakhi hugs Lavanya. Lavanya asks how do you know its my birthday. Pakhi says Girish met me and told me about the surprise. Girish asks Lavanya to wear the dress and come. She leaves. Pakhi arranges a cake and Lavanya comes in a beautiful gown. Everyone are happy to see her. Anshuman says Di you are looking beautiful. Lavanya says thanks. Girish smiles and says you are looking very pretty, happy birthday. He hugs her and says you are looking jaw dropping.

Girish says Pakhi, even you will look beautiful if you wear such dress. Pakhi says I can’t, Lavanya looks beautiful in whatever she wears. Girish says you can try. Pakhi says I m shy, I can’t. She says lets cut the cake. Anshuman lights the candles. Lavanya blows and cuts the cake while everyone sings happy birthday to you. She makes Girish eat the cake and then Anshuman and Pakhi. Anshuman opens a wine bottle and they drink it saying cheers. Pakhi does not drink wine and says Lavanya is looking very beautiful, so we need a song from you. Lavanya says please…., Girish agrees.

Girish sings a song looking at Lavanya. Pakhi looks at Anshuman and smiles. The song Bol Dil se…… plays………………. Pakhi holds Anshuman’s hand and he is shocked. Pakhi smiles. Anshuman is tensed seeing Pakhi holding his hand. She imagines a romantic scene with Anshuman where he fills her maang with sindoor and they get closer. Anshuman takes his hand and gets up. She stops him and smiles. Anshuman goes away. Pakhi stares at him and comes and stands beside him getting close to him. He looks at her. Pakhi rests her head on his shoulder and closes her eyes. He thinks she is looking very happy, what to do to get rid of her.

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