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Popular Actor Reveals how Agya Koo Made Kumawood Movie Producers and Directors Very Rich

Popular actor by the name Big Akwes has revealed how renowned actor, Agya Koo made lots of money for producers, directors and marketers. He revealed that in an interview with an host of One Ghana TV.

Most readers either witnessed or have been told of Agya Koo's prowess in the area of movie making. He started his acting career by staring in Concert Party. When the show went down, he swiftly diverted to staring in movies where he became a national sensation.

Back in the days, he featured on almost every Kumawood movie. It got to the point where, when Agya Koo was not on the cast, people would not watch the movie. Those were the prime days of the great actor.

This morning in an interview with an host of the One Ghana TV, popular actor Big Akwes revealed how producers, directors and marketers made plenty of money from Agya Koo.

He revealed that, anytime Agya Koo had finished shooting a movie, he would enter his closet and pray to God to bless that movie, so that it would attract plenty of sales for the producers to get the money they invested and even more. In that way they would be able to hire him again. This made the producers and the directors very rich, he disclosed.

He narrated that some producers were able to build houses, buy cars and acquire lots of property. According to him, when producers began to use other actors rather than Agya Koo, some went broke to the extent of selling some of the property they had acquired.

"Those that diverted their money into other ventures prospered, but those that continued to invest in the movie industry lost their money. Some went broke to the extent that they sold most of the property they acquired", he revealed.

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