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Israel Isn't God's Chosen Country, It Is The Gay Capital Of The World - Ifa Funsho

Most historians agree that there is proof of gay movement and same-sex love, regardless of whether such connections were acknowledged or oppressed, in each archived culture.

We realize that homosexuality existed in old Israel just in light of the fact that it is restricted in the Bible, while it prospered between the two people in Ancient Greece. Substantial evidence also exists for individuals who lived at least part of their lives as a different gender than assigned at birth.

LGBTQ characters and topics are regularly underrepresented in standard distributing because of oversight and contentions that LGBTQ content is "specialty," and accordingly not commercially viable.

Ifa Funsho is a young and beautiful Nigerian lady. She is a graphic designer, historian and a pan Africanist. She tweeted about Israel being the headquarters of gay. This is what she tweeted :

"People always avoid discussing the reality concerning Israel for the fact that it's a gay capital of the world. Yet the ignorance Christians in Afrika still view isreal as God's chosen country?"

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