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[+VIDEO]: Slay Queen Drops Sad News For Men With Bigger Manhood On A Show Causing Stir All Over

Welcome back to my page once again dear readers. Before you start reading, kindly follow me if you have not by simply tapping on the follow button right up here to receive notifications on all new stuffs I update you with.

What world are we living in today? This is a world in which sinful acts are on the rise and there is no doubt we expect nothing apart from such as the end time draws nearer and nearer. Of late, most television stations have incorporated into their broadcast a wide range of shows for which they do not consider its impacts on the general public. This referee to its impact on children, youth and other classes. This is a major factor of the rise of irresponsible actions of he youth for they see most of the things they tend to indulge in through such media. Government has done it very best to shut down some television stations but it is not enough. He should go tue extra mile of shutting more stations who tend to promote the act of negativity.

In this article, I bring to you a scene of an interview on an adult show on television which is going viral and claiming a lot of reactions all over. The interviewee is known widely for accepting such mandates to be on most adults show and her response to a question asked by the host left many in shock. She claimed that “ men with bigger manhood or those on the verge of taking drugs to increase their manhood are running at a lost for she in particular, she does not agree for her colleagues to go in for such”. She also added that, the size makes it impossible to have a full feeling of the activity and hence inflicts pain and a whole lot. This respons hers has indeed cause great tension in social media as every single who come across this video hesitate not in reacting. Watch video via the link below:

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