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Would You Offer Help To This Lady In This Situation

First of all a big thank you to the opera news hub management,they have done a lot for some of as who were having some talent but wasn’t able to reveal it to the world.

I sincerely appreciate all what this platform has totally done for me,I hope to continue writing articles until i leave for school.

A quick advice from me to everyone is to stay safe and protect themselves from the COVID-19 disease,the virus is still in the country although the numbers are limited for now.

In today’s article we will be discussing about a picture i saw on the internet which i find quite interesting and decided to see what people would have done if they were in the same position.

In the picture you can see a beautiful lady lying down infront of her car with a lot of money and some expensive stuff around her,and per what i am seing it seems she is drunk and really needs someone’s help immediately.

Just have a look at the picture for yourself,and after viewing the picture you can leave your comments on what you would have done,will you help her? Or you will just steal her belongings and leave.

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