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My Heart Started Moving Fast At The Moment Shemima Said She Loved Short Guys - Desmond Of Date Rush.

Desmond is one of the gentlemen on the Date Rush show - season 5.

He has really appeared on quite number of the Date Rush episodes without finding a date.

Desmond has gotten so many disappointments on the show as the female contestants keep on turning his Rush off even if he developed an interest in them.

On last week's episode of the Date Rush show, luck was actually finding it way to locate Desmond at the moment Shemima - the well built female contestants who was on the show said in her profile video that she really liked short guys.

Desmond said his heart moved like a cat over the wall upon hearing what Shemima in her profile video - that she loved short guys.

Desmond became happy on the show that evening but his happiness was short lived as the lady in question chose someone - Ali over him.

I knew Shemima was definitely going to pick me for a date on last Sunday's episode.

In fact, Desmond has really expressed dissatisfaction about how his Rush is always been turned off by the female contestants.

Could it be his height, vibes and what have you that caused him to always be rejected by the ladies on the Date Rush show.

However, Desmond disclosed on the Date Rush Review Show that he wasn't going to give up on the Date Rush show until he finds a date there.

But on a more serious note, Desmond is really a gentleman who actually knows what he's looking for on the Date Rush show.

Desmond again declared that he's ever going to be happy with any lady who might come his way on the Date Rush show - he will always love and cherished her for who she might be.

Date Rush, everyone deserves love.

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