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3 Dangerous Women Men Must Avoid

As a man, you need a woman to settle with, but its not every woman that will give you peace at home. Here are 3 dangerous women that you must avoid at all cost as a man.

1. The one whose best friend knows everything about the relationship.

Her friends know everything that goes on your lives. She seeks advice from her friends before anything. Nothing stays in the house, every complain goes out. The friend's advice is final.

What's more dangerous is when her bestie is a man. You might not know, maybe things maybe happening behind you.

You have to be your lover's best friend, someone that she can count on and not an outsider. Who knows, the outsider just wants to see the back of you.

2. The ones that think its the man's job to provide.

There are ladies who don't care about your hustle, all they want is for you to make them special. They don't know your salary but always bring bills. They buy you watches and boxer shorts but expect exotic gifts on their birthday.

They are self seeking and don't care about your happiness. You must avoid them at all cost.

3. The ones that make you think you are the problem.

When there is a problem and you discuss it with them, you end up feeling bad because they won't accept their mistake but label you heartless. They will make you think you are the problem when indeed they are.

Life is all about happiness. You must give and receive, don't stay in a relationship that you don't feel loved.

What other kind of women should a man avoid at all cost? Follow me for more exciting updates and attractive stories.

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