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Reverend Obofour Reveals Why Nigerian Pastors Are Richer Than Ghanaian Pastors.

Anointed Palace Chapel (APC) is a very big and renowned church in Ghana foundered by Reverend Kwaku Antwi aka reverend Obofour.

Reverend Kwaku Antwi professionally known as Reverend Obofour is a famous man of God in Ghana and Internationally. Some people call him "Kwaku Bofour".

Indeed, Reverend Kwaku Antwi aka Kwaku Bofour is never left out when stating top ten richest men of God in Ghana in any given year.

Reverend Obofour gets his money through offertory, selling of anointing oil, and his huge businesses as well. With his businesses, he gets enough money from it and that promotes his richness.

Actually, reverend Obofour has revealed to the media public that Nigerian Pastors are far richer than Ghanaian Pastors.

According to Reverend Kwaku Antwi aka Kwaku Bofour, Ghanaian Pastors only concentrate or focus on offertory from their congregants while Nigerian Pastors sets up huge businesses aside their church that's why they're richer than Ghanaian Pastors.

Finally, reverend Obofour vowed that Nigerian Pastors exhibit "Maturity" and respect each other while Ghanaian Pastors criticise and "backbite" each other.

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