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Stop playing pranks on grown ups: Mother dies with her unborn child after son played a prank on her.

Pranks are jokes that we play to laugh. Some jokes are expensive, pranks don't necessarily deal with jokes but also expensive ones. It scares people and people with blood pressure may die instantly. Let's get started with the main reason why we came here.

A mother was pregnant with an unborn child, she had only a son who was 9 years of old. He was in Class 5 and brilliant as well. He likes joking and this led to a tragic story.

His mom was called Cecelia, her husband ran away and left her after he impregnated her. Before that, he told her that he can't take care of another child so she should abort the baby but Cecelia refused this made him ran away and never returned for 6 months.

Cecelia had to take care of her son and her unborn child without a husband. One day, Cecelia was in her room and saw a scary monster staring at her, she was more than scared. She couldn't see it clearly but it was very scary it jumped to her direction and she screamed falling down and she never woke up.

It was her son playing prank on her, he wore a werewolf mask and wore a black ''jalabia'' which scared his mom and she died. She was sent to the hospital and confirmed dead. See her picture below:

Currently, the boy who is now branded as the murderer of his own mom is staying with his grandparents.

So my advice to you all is that, do not be playing pranks on grown ups or else what might come out of it won't be good and expected at all.

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