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Chandra Nandini Written Update Episode Future Twist

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The serial starts with the scene in which Dharma is saying to Nandini that I am getting shocked very badly by saying that Rajkumari Chitra loves Bhadraketu and after that, her parents are forcing her to marry Bindusaar. Nandini says that it’s wrong because it’s really bad to separate two lovers from each other. Nandini added that if she loves Rajkumar Bhadraketu then she will definitely marry Bhadraketu instead of Bindusaar.

For this, I have to talk to Chitrakala’s parents just to stop all of this. Dharma says to Nandini that you have to talk to Maharaj first instead of anyone else. Nandini says that no, I have to talk to Rajkumar Bindusaat first because he is having a soft heart and even though he is able to take every decision for right or wrong. Nandini is coming to talk to Bindusaar about Chitra.

Nandini says to Bindusaar that you don’t do this marriage because Chitra doesn’t love you because she loves Rajkumar Bhadraketu only. But her parents are not ready to hear her. So that’s why we have to stop this marriage at any cost. Don’t you marry her because she is not happy with this marriage. Bindusaar says that you are not my Choti maa then how dare you to talk to me like this. You have no right to me that you impose all these facts on me. But let me clear you that I will marry Chitra and I won’t hear you.

Bindusaar says to Nandini that my father marries you only because of some political issues because your father was the prime enemy of Chandra and he married you just to take revenge from your father. Even though you were his enemy but after that, he started to love you. Nandini gets hurt very badly and then she comes to meet Chandra. Apma hears everything and then she informs Helena about this. Here Elis is getting ready for her marriage and then she comes to her mandap place along with prince Kartikeya.

Helena is getting shocked to hear Apma’s words and then she tells her to stop Nandini from going there at any cost. Chitra is talking to Dharma and says that I am not ready to marry Bindusaar here and there is only one option left. Dharma asks what? Chitra says that you will sit in the mandap at my place and you will wear my wedding outfit. Helena is passing through that place and she hears their conversation too.

The Starplus serial Chandra Nandini is getting popular day by day. In the current episodes of the Chandra Nandini serial, Chandra is planning for the Bindusaar’s second marriage with Chitralekha because he is trying to make Bindusaar understand the situation like how is he handling Nandini, Durdhra, and Helena.

Similarly, he wants to see Bindusaar married to some girls whereas he will come to know everything about the number of wives. He just wants to see like how will Bindusaar manage with his three wives and even though he can also see Bindusaar in the same Situation like Chandra was in his past time.

In the upcoming episode of the Chandra Nandini, Bhadra will be getting angry to see all of this and he will unable to believe his ears like Chitra will be going to marry Bindusaar because Bhadra and Chitralekha love each other so much. So that, Bhadra and Chitralekha are not ready to accept this decision of Chandra aka Rajat Tokas because they want to live together instead to stay apart from each other.

The serial starts with the scene in which Bindusaar is coming to Kartikeya’s room whereas he sees Dharma there. He gets so much anger to see her in Kartikeya’s room. Kartikeya says to Bindusaar that I called Dharma here just to give a massage to me because I had a pain in my back. Bindusaar says that we never call any woman in this area of Mahal. Kartikeya says to Bindusaar that I was unaware by this but Dharma told me but I didn’t hear her words.

Bindusaar says to Kartikeya that she is not your praja, she is a Mukhya Maharani of my wife Charumati. Dharma is going away from there. Later Bindusaar is looking at Dharma angrily. Here Nandini is about to fall down because she is getting weak very badly. Dharma is coming there and catches Nandini. She asks Nandini that is she feeling weak?

Nandini says that I am feeling weak because I didn’t eat anything yet because I am on fast today. Dharma asks for whom you are keeping this fast? Nandini says that I am keeping this fast only for Chandra and even I feel so good to go close to him. This is getting so much touchy for me and that’s why I am feeling all of this. Dharma asks it means you accepted that you are Maharani Nandini. Nandini says yes.

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Chandra Nandini 21st September 2017 Written Episode Update:

Here Apma hears their conversation and then she starts to eat the food. Apma is coming there and then asks why are you eating this food like this? Helena says that Nandini is keeping fast for Chandra then why I keep this fast. Apma is making a plan against Nandini again. She says to add this in Nandini’s water and due to which she will be getting confused about her identity. During the pooja, Helena says to Nandini to take her Kalash and then do this pooja first. Nandini takes the kalash and starts to do pooja. Chandra is also with her.

The most trending show of the Starplus channel is Chandra Nandini which is historic and interesting too. As we know, the show is passing through the critical time in which Chandra saw Nandini in the forest and then he starts to check out the face of every lady in the Mahal. When he comes to know that a woman in Prabha’s clothes is none another than Nandini. Just go to the highlighted link Chandra Nandini Written Updates.

Finally, the Chandra and Nandini will come face off to each other finally. On the other side, Bindusaar will be getting ill by thinking that Nandini is coming back again in the mahal. Bindusaar will think like when Chandra will come to know that he pushes Nandini from an urge. All over he is the reason behind Nandini’s death. Then Chandra will not leave him.

Chandra Nandini Upcoming Episode News: Nandini Commits Suicide to save Bindusaar

By thinking all of this, Bundusaar will be getting sick. Here Chandra is in the bed of roses by seeing Nandini in front of his eyes which makes Helena and all other family members are in shock to see Nandini alive except dadi. She is so much happy to see Nandini alive. Somewhere Bindusaar forgives Dharma for all aspects by making a Charumati sideline.

But in the upcoming episode of Chandra Nandini, the Chandra and Nandini will be going to spend some time with each other. Finally, the Nandini regains her memory also. But when she comes to know that Bindusaar pushed her from an urge before 20 years then she will be getting shocked. She decides to commit suicide just to save Bindusaar from Chandra’s hate.

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