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Top 5 Most Watched Ghanaian Music On YouTube. Check Whether Your Favorite Made It.

What is a music stream? A Stream is when someone listens to your song or music video via a streaming music service application but does not own or permanently download the content. Lastly, some services do not allow the user to choose what music they listen to but rather provide playlists for the end-user.

YouTube, do not require a user to subscribe to listen to music and/or music videos but nonetheless offer on-demand access to users.

here are many styles of traditional and modern music of Ghana, due to Ghana's cosmopolitan geographic position on the African Continent. The best known modern genre originating in Ghana is Highlife. So many years, Highlife was the preferred music genre until the introduction of Hiplife and many others.

Many Ghanaian Artist have been able to achieve numerous numbers on YouTube streams which generates them a lot of money.

Now let's check out the top 5 most watched Ghanaian music on YouTube;

5 R2Bees Ft Wizkid - Slow Down

R2bees "Slow Down" ft Wizkid - YouTube

This song generated 18 million Views on YouTube and became an instant hit in Ghana and Nigeria.

4 Fuse ODG Ft Angel - TINA

Fuse ODG - T.I.N.A (This Is New Africa) by 3BEAT

This song as it goes TINA ( This Is New Africa ) gained 19 million views.

3  Million Pound Girl (Badder Than Bad) By Fuse ODG 

Fuse ODG - Million Pound Girl (Badder Than Bad) (UK Radio Edit) by 3BEAT

This song gained 26 million views.

2 Azonto By Fuse ODG Ft Tiffany

This song was an instant hit in both abroad and Ghana. It gained 35 million views online.

1  Adonai By Sarkodie Ft Castro

This song holds the highest viewed Ghanaian Song with 72 million Views on YouTube.

Thanks, hope you enjoyed it and I will like your opinions too. Kindly follow me for more updates and share as well.

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