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Social Media Popularity: Is It The New Normal To Show Some Skin? (Opinion)

Would you agree that the current trend to gaining some popularity now on social media seems to be displaying some sort of explicit content? Well, very alarming in recent times is the rate at which our young women are displaying skin or stature to gain relevance on most media sharing networks like Instagram.

Is this approach a short-cut to the ancient theory of hard work and consistency to build relevance?

Honestly, the end goal of these women is to be influential enough to attract businesses to pay in order for them to advertise their products (at least that is what it seems to be).

Several businesses and individuals contact these "skin-revealing" influential ladies to help it advertise its products. Could this approach ever be justified?

Is there a thing like leveraging an individual's privacy for financial freedom? Could that be the case for most of these women?

Well, I guess you may want to share your thoughts on this, so feel free to do so in the comment section below.

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