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Love Will Never Lie Update On Thursday 27th August 2020

Mishti’s Insecurities

Sukhmani tells Arnav her planning to show his love to Pari through the game. Everyone was seated, she announces the game rules of Dumb Charade. She picks two names, it was Radhika and Veer’s pair. The second team was she (Sukhmani) and Ansh. The third team comes out to be Arnav and Pari. Mishti makes a bad face as she was left with Rohan as team. Sukhmani says Rohan and Mishti looks good anyways. She asks everyone to get seated with their partners. Mishti announces she isn’t playing. Sukhmani says Mishti can’t back out, it took her half an hour to do the commentary. Everyone was clueless why Mishti didn’t have to play. Mishti offers to handle the score board. Veer says Rohan wants to play, she shouldn’t be a spoil stud. Arnav challenges that Mishti is afraid of losing. Veer somehow convinces Mishti.

Sukhmani starts with Arnav and Pari. The cards fell off. Sukhmani regrets as she set the famous romantic cards down the stack. Rohan collects the cards for Pari. Pari holds the card. She guess it was three word film, Hindi. Arnav does the actions. Radhika says he is in a bath. Everyone laughs. Pari guess he is feeling shy. Upon the next action, she guess it was “Shona and Shabnam”. The next turn was Arnav, he place the card over his forehead. It was ‘Aag hi Aag’, guessed by Arnav easily.

The next was Veer and Radhika, Veer guess ‘Phool banay angaray’. Radhika wasn’t able to guess Veer’s actions initially. Finally she succeeds in guessing ‘Baray Mian, Chotay Mian’.

Sukhmani and Ansh take their chance. Ansh guess ‘Bol Bachan’. Later, Ansh does the actions of Ansh. Sukhmani tries to guess which film Shahrukh Khan ran; she guess it rightly ‘Dil walay Dulhania Le Jaengey’.

The last turn was Mishti and Rohan. Mishti holds the card, ‘Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam’. Rohan was initially clueless. Mishti guess the film as Rohan points towards her and Veer. Mishti reads the name ‘Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai’. Mishti does the actions, Rohan reaches Hamara Dil. Veer’s words about some girl winning Rohan’s heart echo in Mishti’s mind. She throws the card off Rohan’s hand. She was irritated and strangely announces that the game is finished. Radhika asks what this is. Rohan complains it’s because of Mishti that they lost. Mishti says she doesn’t care if they win or lose. Veer says Mishti could have said earlier if she didn’t want this specific game. And it’s only a game. Mishti looks towards Rohan then turns to sleep. Veer offers Mishti a long drive. She agrees with a smile. He takes Radhika’s permission. Dadi allows amidst everyone’s hooting. Rohan picks the card and smiles. Sukhmani and Radhika discuss why Mishti took the game seriously.

Later, everyone sat silent in the hall. Pari serves the drink. Mishti returns home. Radhika asks Mishti if she is fine. Mishti asks what happened to her. Radhika says she was troubled by a game only, if she has something in her mind. Mishti says she doesn’t want to take any step through which they have to go through what was already faced by their family once. She scolds Arnav to have given the names of movies in the game, about heart sharing and love. Arnav asks what the problem is. Mishti says there is a problem. If Veer had disliked saying this to Rohan, why they don’t understand the seriousness. She forces her parents were separated by a minor misunderstanding, and even the strongest relations broke. Her mom loved her dad, but couldn’t save her house. Pari was hurt hearing all the accusation. Mishti continues that her mom couldn’t convince Papa to stay with them. She never wants her mother to stay in that situation her mom lived, she doesn’t want to work after marriage as well. She doesn’t want to imagine herself in either mom or dad’s situation. From her and her mother’s point of view, the truth will be the same; her dad was wrong. Pari’s eyes were filled with tears now. Mishti asserts the fact is, dad left them for someone else, he prioritized himself. She doesn’t want to go through any such situation in her life at all. She demands everyone to take care of this matter, such vulgar games shouldn’t be allowed in the house again. She looks towards Pari and realizes how deeply her words hurt her unintentionally.

PRECAP: Mishti cries in bed when Pari comes there. Mishti hugs Pari tightly. Pari apologizes Mishti because her pains are because of her mother. Their past will always prevail in their present and future.

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