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Are you in love? - The question Nabila asked Prince that took him minutes to answer [DATE RUSH]

Date Rush is gradually becoming one of the entertainment shows that people can't stay a day without watching. The drama, heartbreaks, controversies and joy surrounding the show is making it interesting to watch. Most at times, the show becomes interesting depending on the person who is looking for love and how he or she will carry himself or herself on stage.

Last Sunday's episode (episode 6) was very interesting. The two ladies who represented also did not take things for granted but tried their possible means and best to go home with a date. Though the episode is over but the most talked about lady on social media is Nabila. Nabila wow her followers with the mature way of talking using her beautiful American accent.

When the opportunity was given for the men to ask her questions, Prince boldly took the microphone and asked Nabila that, does she belive in love at first sight? Brilliant Nabila took his time and answered the question very well. After answering the question, she then threw a question back to Prince whether he is in love. Prince became speechless after the question was asked and stood there for a while before he was able to reply that, yes he is in love with her. Nabila's question just dawned on him and he couldn't know what to say at that moment. Could it be tension?

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