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The case of Taxi Driver TT and Emmanuel Armah. What happened to the Movie Industry?

Over the weeks, we've heard of the plight of one of the country's veteran actors with name Psalm Adjeteyfio and how the Vice President and some other people came to his aid when he needed help.

We've had people sharing their thoughts on the issue, some siding with him and some bashing him for not being able to cater for himself at this time. His own colleagues he worked with also shared their thoughts with some saying he could hav managed his finances better had he not been reckless.

We have seen cases like that come up all the time with some at the verge of death. But the question is, is it that there is no provident funds they make contributions into for pension or it is not enough to cater for their needs during those times. Or better still, they live reckless lives during their hay days and don't really save up for their future?

People bash these celebrities when they come out with their lights and seek help. Some use very unkind words and inasmuch as these celebrities may have not done the best to secure for themselves good pension plans does not mean they should be treated any worse. We need to remember that, once upon a time they entertained us and made us happy when they could have also been living their lives.

Maybe the government could set up welfare that would help some of our old veterans who are living in not-so-good conditions. Also, looking at how the industry is now, I believe any person in the creative arts should make provisions to secure their future because there has not been any efforts to revamp the industry and it is slowly dying but we seen not to care.

Maybe, it's not so much as their sad plight rather, how poorly the industry treats them at the end of the day.

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