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African Culture: The Spectacular Ritual Dance Of Royal Drum That Has Caused Massive Stir

Africa has a rich and African cultural heritage embraces all aspects of African life. It involves people’s history, philosophy, poetry, psychology, medicine and health care delivery, ecology, ethics, economic and social activities, education, military strategies, numerology, astrology, arts in its various forms and even including science and technology.

Culture is a concept that is acknowledged universally. Its phenomenal relevance varies from society to society. What is acceptable in one society may likely be an abomination in the other. This view derives from the fact that culture is an all embracing concept as far as man is concerned. It encompasses every bit of man’s life and experience. 

As part of their cultural rich heritage, the indigenes of Burundi celebrates this unique ritual dance of the royal drum in an awesome way which involves singing and dancing according to the beats of the drums. The numerous drums are arranged in a semi circle with the main drum in the middle. Whiles some of the participants beats the drums in a rhythmic sound, the others dance ceremoniously to the tune.

This beautiful scene is witnessed mostly at festivals and important occasions when dignitaries are welcomed. The significance is to summon the spirits of African ancestors and cast away evil spirits. The performance of this culture requires skills to beat the drums and to dance. This is the ritual dance of the drums and it's significance to the world

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