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Delay - The Originator And Founder Of Borla Bird

Somebody should kindly tag Queen Afia Schwarzenegger for me.

Surprisingly the beef between Delay and Queen Afia Schwarzenegger keep rising day in and day out.

This writing shouldn't be regarded as outmoded because anytime one hears or sees either Delay or Queen Afia Schwarzenegger then Borla Bird quickly comes to mind - and which of course appeared very fresh in our memories.

Some couple of years ago Delay and Afia Schwarzenegger were very good friends but very unfortunately they became apart because of a reason best known to the both of them.

However Delay had really proven to be always on the highest in terms of not picking any grudge on Afia Schwarzenegger.

On the other hand Afia Schwarzenegger always stoop so low to all the time wants to pick up on Delay.

It is a clear indication that Delay have really build have brand well with much caution so far as Afia Schwarzenegger is ever concerned.

It is barely two weeks now when this whole Borla Bird came to light from Delay's own mouth - when she was having her usual interview show which is aired on GHONE TV on every Sunday at exactly at 6:00pm.

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