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TV3 Date Rush - Search For Date, Fame or Springboard to Success

TV3 as you may know always comes out with content that is promised to keep viewers glued to their seats. Date Rush is the arguably the hottest entertainment program on our TV screens today. On this show, participants are expected to find partners they would go out on a date with. The program has been a success so far because more and more people are tuning in to watch it every Sunday night.

Most people are beginning to wonder if the ladies and guys who appear on the show are really looking for a date or seeking to gain public attention which could propel them to launch their personal careers. If indeed they are looking for dates that's fine but if they have ulterior motives then they are very smart.

Some of the ladies and guys who appeared on the show gained popularity overnight and have leverage on that to kick start their YouTube careers. Today they are everywhere persuading their overnight fun base to subscribe to their YouTube channels. 

One popular participant is the ever energetic Fatima who has started promoting herself as a musician. She has already performed a single on the reunion segment of the show.

Another smart guy Ray is very busy today shooting videos here and there with his colleagues Date Rushers to stock his YouTube channel.

So YouTube is the business now and these smart guys are taking advantage of the popular show. Whether this was planned before they appeared on the show is a question we need to ask. Fatima has even confirmed on other platforms that she was on the show for a special reason she won't disclose to the public.

Well, it's not a crime to be smart but my only concern is while some are seriously looking for dates others are just there to achieve ulterior motives and hence playing with the feelings and emotions of others. It's no surprise that some give very flimsy excuses to turn off their rushes or dump their dates after the show.

For us viewers, we can only watch to entertain ourselves. The show is on and we live to see what happens in the next season.

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