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A guide to a successful and prosperous new year

Take 2 pints of patience,

And a cupful of Goodness,

2 spoonful of Goodwill,

A little bit of Hope,

A Small dose of Good faith,

And a handful of Tolerance,

A handful of Prudence and a basket full of Good feelings,

  Pick some leaves ad branches from the tiny and wonderful tree called humility,

 Add a huge quantity of Good humor,

  Stir all with a big spoon of common sense ,cook everything on a slow burning fire of caution

Watch ur thought 👌🏻

 They become your words,

  Watch your words,

 They become your actions 😇

Watch your actions 😇

 They become your habits

Watch your habits

   They become your character 😉

    Watch your character 👀.

  They become your Destiny

Falling in love 😍💙

 Start with no intention

   But as time goes on 

  It becomes addiction 💪

  Love who your heart 💓 want not what your eyes want

     Don't worry about what others say or think 😏

  This is yours not  for them

Content created and supplied by: Kofi.jnr (via Opera News )

Goodness Goodwill Hope


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