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GMB 2021, Safoa and Teiya to be evicted next week

Monday, August 23 2021

TV3's reality show, Ghana's Most Beautiful 2021 was in its sixth week yesterday. A total of five individuals have been shown the exit and many more will follow in the coming weeks. Yesterday saw the Greater Accra Regional representative, Dede being evicted from the reality house. Her eviction came with little surprise to many including herself because of her performance in the previous week's session.

In the previous week, the 21 year old beautician couldn't control her emotions but had to burst into tears as judges criticised her performance. This didn't stop the judges from going ahead to tell her their views about abysmal performance anyway. She came close to eviction as she was part the bottom two. But the judges who had the decision in their bossom sacrificed Akua of Ahafo region for her.

Yesterday, Dede demonstrated that she had taken the criticism of the judges serious when she mounted the stage. Her delivery was good as confessed by the judges. Unfortunately the best costumed of the night suffered eviction at a point many least expected. Clearly, Dede was evicted not based on her performance of yesterday but also the votes and previous performances.

Based on this the Ashnati region's Safoa and Northern region's Teiya should have courses to worry. Safoa who had been tipped by many as a possible winner for this season had her worse night yesterday. She stabled several times during her delivery. At some point, she had to pretend to be adjusting her microphone in attempt to recollect some missing phrases. But the smart speaker didn't give up. She requested for a hand from the audience in order to buy time to memorize her sentences. This was noticed by the judges and they cautioned her accordingly.

For Teiya, the judges simply told her she didn't have her night. The northern regional representative chose to celebrate a popular musician from her region Sherifa Gunnu. Per their rehearsals, the musician was to surprise the audience at her point where Teiya would had mentioned in her delivery, "and this great woman..." Unfortunately, Sherifa Gunnu delayed in appearaing thereby making Teiya repeat that statement several times. Sherifa's appearance although surprised many who hadn't seen her for long, she didn't add ink to Teiya's performance as expected. She took over the show from Teiya by deciding to greet the audience and make few statement which were irrelevant to Teiya.The judges couldn't but to tell Teiya she didn't have her day.

Fearing that her presence might cost the northern regional representative an eviction, Sherifa Gunnu played the damage control when she was given the opportunity to perform. She corrected the judges statement of Teiya not having her night by saying Teiya had her night. She also encouraged Team Teiya to vote massively. Gunnu disregarded covid-19 protocols by stepping down from the podium during her performance probably to lure the judges into pardoning Teiya.

Well the end result is Teiya narrowly escaped eviction likewise Safoa. However one of these two ladies is likely to be evicted next week unless their supporters vote massively for them. In addition the ladies will have to impress both the audience and the judges to remain in the house.

The night saw Central region's representative emerging as star performer while Upper East region's Wedaga went home with most eloquent award.

Next week Sunday is another week and CitizenOne will bring you critical analysis of the program as usual. You may follow me in order to receive automatic updates.

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