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Check Out The Best 5 Ghanaian TV Series Reigning In Ghana. You Need To See The List.

In this article, my team and I have done a lot of research in bringing the top Ghanaian TV series making it big in Ghana which have made everyone to talk about. As Ghanaian movie industry is fading out many directors and film makers have made up their mind to stand as a pillar to revive the Movie industry and prevents it from falling completely.

Although is really hard for the film makers now as the movie does not sell as it was at first but with their hopes and determination high they know the movie industry will resurrect in no time in Ghana. They are working hard in other to eliminate the Twi Novella movies in the minds of Ghanaian in order to pay attention to the Ghanaian movie back.

Now let's check out the list of the reigning movies;

5 Cocoa Brown

Delay's Cocoa Brown Series Hype Unnecessary | News Ghana

4 GuyGuy

3 What's Up

WHAT'S UP ONLINE SERIES: The best still trending - Kasapa102.5FM

2 What You Don't Know

Liezer-Legacy Productions Home Page - Liezer-Legacy Productions

1 Stryke TV

STRYKE Tv Series | Short Clip of Episode 01 (Full Video on Farmhouse Movies  App) - YouTube

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