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Divorce Affair

Divorce: If My Wife Slap me One, She Won't Slap Me Again -Rev. Dr. Lawrence Tetteh (READ MORE)

Marriage is a very important aspect of our lives. When one grows into adulthood, the eros hormones begin to advance and further trigger feelings for sex. This makes young adults desire for the opposite sex, and in some weird cases, same-sex.

But before we quickly rush into having premarital sex with people, the Bible forbids us and rather instructs us to marry. Marrying means making the union between two consent adults official for pleasure and procreation.

However, a lot of people enter marriages and regret. When frustration sets inside and the energy to continue are lost, individuals decide to quit, in other words, divorce.

But the bible is against it.

On GHOnes’s “Revelation Show,” Rev. Dr Lawrence Tetteh was asked his opinion on the matter from the biblical perspective. He narrated a story and added his opinion. He said:

Couples shouldn’t put their partners into a position that will call for divorce. For him, he can’t tolerate some situations like his wife-beating him. How can you raise your hand and slap me? He quizzed.

For him, he won’t beat you (wife). But if you beat him one, you won’t get to beat him again.

"How can Barbara (his wife) slap me: look! if she slaps me one, she won't get to slap me again."

He narrated the story of how a man he knows in Ghana is constantly being beaten by his wife for praying too much at home. Whenever the man visits him, there is plaster and bruises on his face and body. He can’t accept that.

For how long would you tolerate this in marriage? He asked.

According to him, divorce shouldn’t be urgent, however, couples shouldn’t put their partners in dire situations that will make divorce inevitable.

For him, he wouldn’t hesitate to divorce when the situations can lead to death and/or his imprisonment.

What’s your opinion on the matter? By the way, how was church today too? 

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