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Shatta Bundle's net worth Cars and house

Shatta Bundle became popular in the internet after he claimed to be richest than Dangote. Many began to ask the question about Shatta Bundle net worth

Shatta Bundle was born a dwarf in the northern part of Ghana. It is the most recent sensation of the internet that is currently making waves throughout Ghana / Nigeria and somewhere in Kenya, South Africa and the Republic of Benin. Shatta Bundle became very popular on the internet when a video of him claiming to be richest than Dangote appeared online and the Nigerians came out in droves to express their reactions.

On many occasions, Shatta Bundle as boasted that it is worth more than 9.6 billion dollars and, as such claimed to be richer than Aliko Dangote, which currently has a value of 9.6 billion dollars.

this is possibly a lie because after a couple of investigations about him, it was discovered that he is really just a a friend of a rich man who has been sponsoring his bills.

it is therefore not to conclusive as how much worth Shatta Bundle has.

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