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Feast Your Eyes For Two Of The Most Anticipated Movies Of 2021 Are Getting Released In May.

Who doesn't love movies, everyone does. Movies keep us entertained and active at all times. So far, many movies have already been released in 2021 and most of them were awesome and full of thrills. However, May presents us with two of the most anticipated movies of all time. We've already seen top-notch movies like Mortal Kombat, Justice league, Godzilla vs Kong and Nobody. The fun continues in what the month of May has to offer movie lovers.

1. Army of the Dead.

Army of the dead is directed by Zack Snyder, the man behind blockbuster hit 300, Justice league, BvS and watchmen so if you've seen any of the aforementioned movies, then you definitely know what's at stake here. Army of the dead follows a group in a post apocalyptic world as they try to pull a heist in a zombie horde in las Vegas. Guess what, this is nothing we've seen before due to the fact that the zombies can think and they can organise themselves like living creatures do. Be prepared to feast your eyes on never seen before action as Army of the dead comes to streaming services on May 21st.

2. Spiral

This one is for the horror lovers, we all know what SAW is about so if you love horror movies then get ready for spiral. The movie stars Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson. Spiral is the next chapter of the SAW series. Spiral hits our screens come May 6th in Indonesia and May 14 in the USA. Check out the trailer on YouTube for more details. All these movies will be available on Netflix for streaming.

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