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Remember Oh Vera? Check Out Her Latest, As She is Close To Getting A Degree and See Her 33 PICS.

If you don't have a clue about Vera? Well, you must have been born yesterday or its back. D-Black, a hip-hop Ghanaian artist once had a hitz song by that title and this lady was the video vixen used in the video that went viral. As probably the first video vixen who was largely endowed and yet very little of her was know, she contributed largely to the success of the music on the Ghana music scene, as many people shared the video and it was the talk of town too.

Up till today, there is no doubt that Matilda Hipsy is one of the heavily endowed women in Ghana currently. Whiles other endowed vixens and TV presenters have come and some gone, but none still compares with her today, as she is just increasing in size as well, to commensurate her hippy brand.

But whereas many guys know her for her body, she refuses to be known by just that, as she is currently nearing her completion of a Bachelors Degree in Mass Communication at the BlueCrest University School of Business and Communication Studies. “Degree in mass communication is an important step for me because I am trying to go back into the industry well-prepared and achieve the real purpose I wanted,” Matilda said.

She also believes that, education at the BlueCrest college has taught her to be more patient, communicative and helped her gain a fresh perspective towards life. “Education at BlueCrest is an advantage to me because they have good teachers who would always motivate you to be anything you want. My favourite thing about the college is how the staff listen to our problems, try to understand them and help us. I admire that approach a lot. ” she added.

Her response to persons who make a decision to notice her appearance over her charming inner beauty and personality, she says “It doesn’t bother me at all because I understand why a lot of people are the way they are. I have decided to choose things that should worry me because I know who I am.”

Matilda Hipsy's real name is Matilda Quaye, a young Ga Lady and now a student. She isn't in any relationship that is made public, but we doubt she is single, considering how wild most of our rich Ghanaian folks are. She has been involved in some persona charity work as well, and that is good for her brand as well, even she provides these young children hope for tomorrow, in spite of their poverty stricken backgrounds.

From her statements, we can only imagine her giant plans for the media and entertainment circles and we can only hope to see more of her, probably in management and strategic communications just after her studies.

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