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The Inclusive Education Project: Queen Naa's Life After Ghana's Most Beautiful

After winning the show, Naa Dedei Botchwey, the reigning queen of Ghana's Most Beautiful, spoke on TV3 NewDay about her work, experiences, and life.

Naa won the most coveted title of Ghana's Most Beautiful in 2020, representing the Greater Accra Region. Naa mentioned the launch of her foundation, The Inclusive Education Project, on February 26th, 2021, while sharing her experiences with Cookie Tee.

Before the GMB Reality show, Naa said she was focused on seeking educational solutions. She mentioned that this encouraged her to join the competition in order to gain a larger forum on which to pursue her passion.

“Thank God for the voice that GMB has given me,” she said. It has been extremely beneficial. TV3 joined the party and provided me with a cover letter for each of the people I invited. As a result, I assume that TV3 played a part in all of the great people you saw over there. And I had my team on board, as well as the love of my family, to ensure that it was a success. And it was true.”

In Ghana, the foundation works to promote inclusive education. All should have access to education, according to inclusive education. She expressed herself. The foundation is dedicated to enhancing Ghana's inclusive education system. Nobody should be left out of inclusive education, no matter where they come from or whether they have disabilities. All should have equal access to a decent and high-quality education, regardless of their circumstances.

The movement also backs Ghana's comprehensive education agenda. Goal 4 of the SDGs is to promote inclusivity in education. This project has been a life-long passion for Naa GMB, according to her. She hopes to achieve this by collaborating with schools to provide tertiary scholarships to girls, as well as by creating community libraries for educational resources and supporting disabled children, especially those with dyslexia.

The Laweh University Scholarship and discussions with the Ghana Library Authority about renovating the Dawatrin Community Library are among the activities undertaken. In addition, she hopes to win a scholarship package from the Regional Maritime University for twenty girls to pursue a technical course in the maritime industry.

Naa Botchwey also discussed her Ask Naa mentorship program. Ask Naa is a platform for young people to obtain professional mentoring. In and outside of Accra, the project has already visited about eight campuses.

Naa had some tips for women vying for the title of Ghana's Most Beautiful. “Don't listen to a lot of people,” she advised. I assume that there will always be more naysayers than proponents. Even in the midst of the rivalry, you form bonds with the girls because you are all in this together. Then you hear them say, 'I'm so afraid.' They asked me a variety of questions. Don't pay attention. It's all a jumble. You must arrive with a specific goal in mind. And you can't be distracted if you have a goal. You should know why you came. Prepare yourself before you arrive, and then execute.”

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