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Photos of 5 Top Nollywood Actresses Who Can Cry Well In Movies.

With the help of wisdom and deep knowledge from scientists, we are of this age able to comprehend little things that happens to our bodies. A very good example is why we cry and what makes us cry.

Many attribute it to pain, sadness, any other negative emotion or tears of joy. But there can be rare instances where one can cry for no reason and a perfect example is when air blows just a bit higher than normal.

You’ll see some people will tears over with talks like, “when the wind blows, I cry.”

We now know the actual cause of it to be from a tear gland located few inches above the eye. With this, some personalities have taken it to a different level through acting.

Many movies will be screened and you’ll see ladies especially crying and you could wonder how they are able to do.

The desire to be flexible in films is what distinguishes good actor. As a result, you'll see majority of them persuasively portraying this emotional roles.

The weeping scene is among the focus and important aspects of filmmaking. Although some actresses might find the is almost hard to do so, others play that role really well. It's more like the usual way and hard to see a Nigerian film and not see weeping in it.

Checkout these five (5) Nollywood Actresses who can really cry in movies:

1. Chinwe Owoh

2. Chacha Eke

3. Kate Henshaw:

4. Queen Nwokoye:

5. Mercy Johnson

When was the last time you saw any movies of these personalities? Who do you think cries better? let's here your amazing thoughts.

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