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I Did Not Know What To Tell My Girlfriend When These Pictures Showed On My Phone. Please Help Me.

I humbly welcome you all to April, I am going to bring you nothing but the best, please hit the follow button at the right corner of your phone to follow me and get updated on all the amazing stories about entertainment, politics, jokes, culture, fashion, lifestyle and so many others for this month. Interesting stories and news are always coming in, you can not afford to miss them this month, that is why it is a must to follow me to be the first to catch the news in the air. Today article is a very interesting one. Let set the ball rolling.

According to a very good friend of mine, this is what happen to him and really need a way to explain things to the girlfriend. Now, this is how everything started. It was early Sunday morning after church, I was with a girlfriend going to the house, unfortunately for me, I had a call on my other phone and the conversation was so crucial that my attention was not on the other phone the above image pop up on.

I hope you know what ladies usually do when they get your phone? She asked of my phone and I gave it to her, guess what? She started viewing and reading my message both SMS and on WhatsApp, no bad intentions, so I kept on making my call till a received a message from my old secondary school. Do you know that ladies are very dangerous? She typed on the message to read it, yet she was not satisfy, she went ahead to type on the media on the WhatsApp group platform and saw the image and guess the first question that she asked me? What is this image doing on my phone, someone put it in the group I reply, then she later asked me, why did I not delete it after viewing?

From that moment she had been annoyed, she no more returns my call neither does she answer my calls. It was just yesterday that I received a message from her that I should come and explained myself, but I should remember, the explanation can ruin the relationship or build it again. I am so scared I will lose her. Please help me out. I am hoping to hear from you guys. Thank you.

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