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Wendy Shay says she’s now ready to date but wants a God-fearing man; she should give us a break!

After turning down the proposals of several men in the past, Wendy Shay of RuffTown Records has finally given the green-light for men to begin approaching her again. 

If you would recall, Wendy Shay posted a video on Instagram some weeks ago warning men to stay away from her because she was not ready to date, but was more interested in making money. 

She made this call after accusing some “big men” in the country of inviting her over to their houses with the pretense of discussing business; but rather end up proposing to her. Well, it’s just a few weeks and all of a sudden, our “GH Music Queen” is now ready for them.

Wendy Shay was on Accra based Joy FM yesterday with Sammy Forson and was asked about her relationship status. She responded by saying that she is SINGLE and ready to MINGLE. She went ahead to describe the kind of man she would want to be with and of course, everyone has their priorities. 

Wendy Shay stated that her ideal man should not be stingy. Who would want to be with a stingy man anyway? She also stated that he should share in her vision; and indeed, it’s very important that she gets a man who will share in her vision. Because without that, her career will fall to the ground flat like a collapsed wall. 

Wendy also requested that she wants a God-fearing man. Now, this is the point I would like to address.

Per my little knowledge, a God-fearing man is a man who would not do anything ethically and morally wrong because he fears God. In other words, he is someone who would remain faithful to one woman and not flirt around with girls in town.

I'm sure Wendy added this criteria particularly because of how she sees guys in serious relationships flirting around with multiple girls. This cannot even be compared to what married men even do. Some married men are just "Lions" looking for their next "Prey" to devour. And due to her career path, Wendy Shay is privy to many of such instances.

One important rule in life is "do unto others what you want other's to do unto you". Wendy wants a God-fearing man but is she a god-fearing woman as well?

We have heard many unconfirmed reports about Wendy Shay warming the bed of her manager; and don't forget, in every rumor, there's an iota of truth.

So I'm asking an open question. Is Wendy saying she'll accept the proposal of a God-fearing man and keep bonking another man? Will she be God-fearing enough to desist from promoting promiscuity in her music?

Wendy Shay says she is ready to date, but wants a God-fearing man. She should give us a break!

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