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I Threw Away My Mother's Cucumber And Saw This In Her Wardrobe

We all experience the funny side of our mother that makes us to remember her forever even when she dies. Mothers are great people who are always linked to our deeds and motivate us in everything we do.

One afternoon when my mother has travelled to the United States of America to see my Auntie I called my boyfriend to come and visit me the next day because I cannot sleep alone in that big mansion. I told him to bring some of his clothes around because he might spend a week or two as I pleaded him. He asked about my younger brother if he's around. I asked him if Kelvin (my Kelvin) is to be around he wouldn't have made it.

As he accepted, I cleaned my room and made sure everything is on point because I know Essuman very well when it comes to neatness, no one can beat him on that. My mother called me on Whatsapp call to know how am fairing. We had a plenty chat and I greeted all the family. I was very happy to see them and told them that I will be around next year God willing because that's when I will complete my Master's program.

My mother told me to clean her room because when she was packing, she messed up the room and it's not nice for the room to be messed up especially as she is not around. I promised her to do it during the day but now am tired because Essuman is coming over and I have clean up my room. She accepted and advice me to behave well.

As I ended the call I made up my mind to do the clean up in mum's room because I won't have time when my babe comes. I started from the bed, packed all the unfold clothes and kept it at their right position. I saw Cucumbers in a box and I asked myself what is this doing here. I packed them with unwanted items and went to dump them into the trash bin when I went to my mother's room again, I opened the wardrobe and behold there was a small pistol. I never believed it so I took it and twas heavy. I put it back an called Essuman to come quickly because my mum seems to be having a protective took and I don't understand.

To be continued...

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