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Clowns: You Don’t Deserve My Respect

This country is becoming more interesting than I thought. Our own DKB has fired his fans for insulting him over a short skits he made about Rastafarians.

Read what he wrote on his page

So what's all the insults and disrespect towards me for?

If not for this skit I wouldn't have know how stupid and darn foolish some Ghanaians are!

It's in a comedy skit that you Want to learn life lessons, a comedy skit? Truly shows how useless you parents were in bringing you up cos they had no sense to impact you with, kwasiaba!

Sense of humor has been found to correlate with common sense, so if you miss a bloody joke and u resort to insults, it shows you don't have common sense! Simple!

Let me educate you condemned thwarts, comedy roots are abstract,exaggeration and stereotyping, if you don't get these elements you will find offense in a joke, because you lack sense!

I'm making rasta look bad, you think the livelihood of rasta people depends on my skit? Jimii 

I'm portraying rastas to be violent, idiot watch the video well, the headmaster was bigger than they were and he wanted to intimidate them that's why they pulled out the weapon, besides you the fool wanting to defend rastas, do you know rasta more than Jamaicans? Have you checked the crime rate in jamaica? Is vybz kartel in jail for stealing bread or for murder? Is movados son going to jail over theft? It's fucken murder!

Unintelligent lot, spreading their foolishness everywhere they go.

Not on my page, I've fucken blocked all of them and if you reading and you a hater, kindly reveal yourself and collect your block, kwasiafuor, I made it with little or no love in this country so I don't fucken care who I block! The real fans I know all of them. Your mordas one by one.

It's a fucken joke skit, laugh or go and improve your miserable life. 

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