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Where Are Our Vociferous CSOs In The Face Of Attacks On Their Beloved Domelevo From Joshua Alabi?

Where Are Our Vociferous CSOs In The Face Of Attacks On Their Beloved Domelevo From Joshua Alabi?

Clearly, the chilling silence of our vociferous Civil Society Organizations is more than troubling in the face of the barrage of attacks from the camp of Prof. Joshua Alabi following Domelevo’s conclusion that he paid monies on behalf of UPSA for no work done.

According to the audit report, Prof. Joshua Alabi as Rector for UPSA made payments totaling GHC300,000 to Tony Lithur and Marietta Brew Appiah-Oppong when their law firm did any work warranting such payments.

Domelevo, in the report, has asked the payments to be reversed, monies refunded with interests accrued over the period. This has been met with anger from Joshua Alabi and his acolytes. 

Surprisingly, these legends in their own minds CSOs have not uttered a word in defense of Domelevo, the man they profess to love with passion. Domelevo is being left out in the cold by the very groups that have acted as his protective shields.

Is it wrong to nurture the thought that our hard-hitting, loud, always-right and leather-lunged CSOs have left the former Auditor General in the lurch? It can also be argued that these CSOs gave their unflinching support to Domelevo because his modus operandi favoured the opposition party.

If we do not get a joint press conference or release over these attacks on Domelevo from the Coalition of CSOs Against Corruption, then we wouldn’t be wrong holding on to the belief that it was not really about Domelevo but it has always been about the NDC. 

P.K.Sarpong, Whispers from the Corridors of the Thinking Place.

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