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Sad: see the secret behind the late Bob Santo's death.

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Ghanaians have seen many movie stars. But One of the best that Ghanaians have ever seen is a man know as Bob Santo. Bob Santo real name is John Kwadwo Bosompem. He is the one of the best comedians Ghanaians have ever seen. I can even say that he is the best comedian of all time in Ghana. Bob Santo died some years back and when he died, there have been many rumours that is surrounding his death. The latest rumour that is fast trending is that, Bob Santo died of Cocaine usage. This has made his best friend and close compatriot, Judas become angry and saying otherwise. 

The report stated that, Tweneboah Koduah whose stage name is Judas stated that, his best friend Santo died after he was diagnosed of chronic jaundice. This diagnoses happened in abroad. His condition was far near cure. Judas continue by saying that, Santo who was his best friend, was sick and they left Ghana so that he could cure himself. And when they went to abroad, the doctors told them that Santo's illness is a chronic because there was not much they could do to save Santo's life. After they returned from abroad, Santo lived for two months before he died. Judas concluded by asking this question that, if his friend Santo died of Cocaine snuggling why would he survive many months before his death? Please share,like and comment on this article.

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