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Guys: Which Do You Prefer, Backside, Front-Side Or Bulbous Fat Bags?

Please I beg you to hit the follow button at the right corner of your phone to follow me and get updated on all the amazing stories about entertainment, politics, jokes, culture, fashion, lifestyle and so many others. Interesting stories and news are always coming in, you can not afford to miss them, that is why is a must to follow me to be the first to catch the news in the air. Today article is a very interesting one. This article is about the reasons why guys love ladies with the curvy backside, front-side or a lady with more bulbous fat bags. Let set the ball rolling.

Why do guys love ladies with curvy backside?

The truth is that some guys believe that having boobs and a backside lady or woman, is a bit of cellulite or something to grab hold of is not exclusively what makes a curvy woman sexy. Guys also believe that the curvy ladies know how to rock it and that is what matters. Beauty has nothing to do with size and everything to do with confidence. And confidence has everything to do with amazing sex.

Why do guys love more bulbous fat bags?

Why are straight men devoting so much headspace to those large, bulbous fat bags that fall from the chests of women? Scientists have never explained men's curious breast fixation satisfactorily, but theorists will predict. Let us, therefore, tour the sexy speculation around the bosom of a man.

Another long-standing theory is that breasts have developed as a means of signalling to men that their wives are nutshell-friendly, youthful and therefore promising partners. Studies finding that men prefer large breasts with a high waist to hip ratio reinforces the notion of youth and fertility in the hourglass shape.

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