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The emotional message of Annold Schwarzenegger (Commando).

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The American superstar and Terminator movie star, Annold Schwarzenegger has putting on paper by questioning himself this.

Do I feel fulfilled in life? I think that question is tough, because even though l have accomplished too much,I still want to do more and over the course of my life,my goods have shifted from being about me,to being about how I can help people in America and all over the world.

I don't seek fulfillment as much as I seek joy.The most joyful thing in life is the climb.

Think about it,when you plan to climb a big mountain,you have too much joy in the training and the preparation and the climb then when you you get to the top of the mountain it's over_unless you start planning the next climb of the mountain.

If the climb wasn't where the action is, people would just fly a helicopter to the top of the mountain and take photos.

Embrace the climb,no matter what your end goal is, fulfillment to me means the work is done and I don't think our work is ever finished.

Retirement isn't my style,I believe in always staying in hungry and reading for the next goal.

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