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Guys Fear Me Because I am A Ghetto Girl, Even The Ghetto Boys Are Afraid - Fatima Reveals To Zion

Growing up our we were always encouraged with quotes and advice such as "Be strong" or be "street smart". However, those two core traits present in our dearly loved Fatima are what is working against her now that she wants to date.

In an exclusive interview with Zion Felix, she makes several revelations about her upbringing and about her personality.

She first starts off by revealing that she has been single for the past five years, which is even part of the reason that she is looking for love on the increasingly popular reality tv show, date rush.

Stunned, Zion proceeds to ask her how come that is the case and why that long. She goes on to reveal that because she grew up the hard way or as in her own words "Because I am a ghetto girl" many guys fear me. She also adds that e"ven the ghetto guys fear me"

She goes on to state her educational background stating that she dropped out of Accra Technical University after her first year and ventured into showbiz by attending GH Media.

From analyzing her demeanor she is not a person people or herself should classify as ghetto. She is just a strong-willed person due to her struggles growing up.

She is elegant in her own way and she is yet to meet someone who will love her for who she is. The flaw with the way the date rush show is organized is that they bring on board only gentlemen to choose out of 10 ladies, obviously should the gentlemen get the chance to choose, the probability of her being chosen is drastically reduced.

Suggestion to TV3 is that they improve the system in which contestants are matched.

Suggestion to Fatima is that she keeps on being herself, fans love her because of her authenticity and she would definitely get a man who fits her perfectly.

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