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Use Palm Kernel To Drive Away Evil Spirit

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My brethren, my name is Mr. Fred and I greet you all , especially those who have been following me and always encourage me to bring more of my articles. I have said to myself that I will help those who want to be helped and bless those who want to be blessed.

Today, I come your way with another powerful and secret rituals that can help you cast any evil spirit that is tormenting your life which most of you guys don't know. Sometimes, you may think of how things are not moving on well with you . God created mankind into this earth to take dominion over everything, so why will you allow yourself for the devil to take dominion over your life.

Look at your aged mate, they are making money and building mansions but why is it that whatever you lay your hands on get destroyed. It shows that there is something wrong somewhere. How can you work and you don't even have GHS2000 in your account, isn't it painful? Someone can promise you with the whole promises on this Earth but later on he/she will not fulfill his promises, so do you think is normal? Because of one problem, you have been praying but still there is no change and you are still hoping that Gods time is the best. Please my, this is the time you have to rise up and do this spiritual rituals. Don't worry my dear, your problem is over because of this powerful rituals .

In this article, am going to show you how you can use Palm Kernel to cast away any evil spirit from your life . I hope you are asking yourself that , how can common Palm Kernel I have been seeing everyday can cast away evil spirit? Palm Kernel has a positive energy, let me give you this physical example, when you put Palm Kernel on the ground, you will see that the place will not grow weed again, it tells you how Palm Kernel has a positive energy and it's spiritual implications. Please I hope you want to know more but we should remember that there is more food so we shouldn't drink all the soup.

How To Use Palm Kernel Drive Away Evil Spirit.

Things needed:

1. Twenty one (21) pieces of Palm Kernel

2. New rubber bucket with full of water.

3. Evil Casting Oil / Soap ( is full of herbs)

How To Do It.

Step 1. Take your new rubber bucket with full of water ( please it must be from the well or a stream not pipe water)

Step 2. Put all the Palm Kernel into the water and put it under a tree or a sun for the whole day and take it back around 11:30pm -12am (please you have to cover it)

Step 3. Pour some of the Evil Casting oil into the water when you take it from outside, and use the Evil Casting soap to bath by chanting this words.

"Angel of the Sun , Angel of the moon and Angel of the Stars, I washed myself from any Spirit that is tormenting my life, Spirit of the four corners should guide me and protect me from any evil spirit. I called upon the Angels to help me from my problem, I surmmon any evil spirit to Angel Of the Moon" ( After you have finished chanting this words, please you can speak in other tongues for five minutes to confuse the spirit you been sermon to the Angels.) Rub your body with the water and apply the soap by saying your heart desires. Repeat this rituals for three days(3). After 3days, please take the Palm Kernel and wrap it in a rubber either black or any color of your choice, look for a four sqaure junction and say your heart desire , after that please spread it on the ground by saying " You will never come back to me again, I surmmon you to the four corners Angels here. Then when you finished, please you can spit for seven times on the ground and come back home.

That is all, you will experienced good and better life, your joy will sury come back and money will start flowing like a river.. please remember that is a natural way to cast any evil spirit from our life.


Please make sure that you will complete the process when you start doing it. The Evil Casting oil /Soap can be delivered to you if only you want to do this direction . It is full of herbs and it doesn't cost much. If you have any problem or you need some of the oil, you can call me on zero two four eight six nine six zero three nine.

Thank you for reading this article please kindly share , follow , like and comment.

Content created and supplied by: Fred3604 (via Opera News )

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