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Where are the family members? - Ike sadly reveals what Funny Face needs at this trial moment

Ghanaian renowned comedian and actor Funny Face has once again found himself in the grip of the police for threatening people on social media. In a live video he did, he was seen saying he will kill someone and kill himself as well. He went ahead to use some unpleasant words to Fadda Dickson and others in a video. He was then apprehended by the CID of the police while granting an interview with Kofi Adoma Nwanwani on live TV.

Shortly after his arrest, he was released by the court to be sent to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital for medical attention. It could be recalled that, this is not the first time Funny Face has been sent to the mental hospital for treatment of bipolar disorder. He stayed there for a while before he was discharged to go home but in less than a year he has been seen exhibiting some clinical features of the same condition which demands him to he sent there again for treatment. It is not actually known whether he has defaulted his medications or he is not complying to it.

This has drawn the attention of Angel FM presenter who is based in Kumasi to add his voice into the matter. According to Ike the unpredictable, he doesn't know why the family members are not resolute in the treatment of his condition. He can't fathom why a family member will not sacrifice and treat his condition until he is clinically stable.

"Where are the family members now? So no one can stand behind him and make sure that he is treated until he becomes fit. I think Funny Face is not getting what he needs. Even when you go to Komfo Anokye there are someone whose leg is being hanged up thinking he can't walk again but there are nurses who go to him everyday to give prescribed medications and family members visit everyday. So that is what Funny Face needs now and the member of the family who will stand behind him and make him well, that person will even rise on the wings of Funny Face to be popular", Ike reveals.

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