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Sarkodie is the Greatest of All Time: The inside Mystery How He’s Better Than Others.

Michael Owusu Addo, best known in Ghana’s showbiz as Sarkodie has proven to be the Greatest Of All Time (G.O.A.T). This title is no joke- the meaning and the responsibilities that come with it is enormous and arguably controversial. But there is no doubt that Sarkodie has lived up to it.

The showbiz in Ghana and all parts of the world has to do with numbers. The number of people who have an interest in your craft, listen to you religiously, form your fan base, stream and download your videos give the artist more recognition and money. Thus, it is important your numbers are built largely to rake in more respect, market visibility and cash.

So, many a time in this country, ordinary Ghanaians run a comparative analysis with our Nigerian counterparts. They say Nigerians are getting ahead of Ghana in music and that they stand the chance of winning Grammys than Ghanaians. What those critics fail to apprehend is the population of Nigerians. Look, Nigerians are 211.4 million according to the 2021 population census (Google search). Therefore, when one Nigerian artist drops a song, it has 211.4 million ready markets to reach. However, Ghana’s population is only 30 million. So, all these numerous artists in Ghana are feed from this infinitesimal population.

It is therefore unfair to compare Nigerians to Ghanaians, however, the smart ones know the way to bridge the gap. Since Nigerians and Ghanaians have that friendship already as a nation, Ghanaian artists have an opportunity to enter their market. Sarkodie has taken advantage of that opportunity. He has built a solid market. That is why he got that recognition and support from Nigerians when he got there for his album launch. As if that was not enough, he went ahead to Kenya. That place too, he was received like a presidential personality.

Today, he is in Tanzania, working on his album “No Pressure.” Look, all these actions from “Obidi” prove that he is widening his market visibility and there is no way that can be taken for granted. That is why his album passed a million downloads yesterday on audiomack. This is something most artists in Ghana don’t do. After they drop their album, they wait for the 30 million people to listen. When their expectations are not met, they rant that Ghanaians don’t appreciate their crafts enough. No! That’s not the case.

Sometimes, Ghanaian artists travel to Europe and America to play shows- but they fail to know that those that attend are 70% of Ghanaians. It is time all Ghanaian artists follow the footsteps of Sarkodie- they should visit other African and Asian countries to spread their music. The last time, I was talking to a female friend from Korea. We met at the club and she was dancing to our music. I quizzed her who her favourite artist was and the Korean lady told me she loves Darkovides. Do you know why? Because Darkovibes has performed in her country before. She wouldn’t mind downloading his tracks and dancing to them.

Sarkodie has and still continues to build more markets aside from Ghana and that is why he succeeds in this thing called music. He is our (G.O.A.T)- Greatest of All Time.  

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