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Telenovelas From Kumkum, Pragya Etc To Be Banned From 1st May:Ghanaians React Massively Online

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Telenovelas To Be Banned On Ghana TV Stations From 1st May 2021 as indicated in a public announcement and signed by its Chairman Socrates Sarfo, the Ghana film and Television Authority has stated that all audiovisuals contents shall be previewed and classified before exhibition. This includes films, short films, telenovelas, Tv series, selected Tv programs, documentaries, advertisements, and music videos meant for public exhibition and broadcasting.

This is in consonance with media ethics and regulations to curb the influx of telenovelas or Tv series on our Television channels. As media ethics demand, prime hours should be used to telecast local related content programs to educate the citizenry about our nationality, culture, traditions and customs. But that is not the case in Ghana, as Nigerian movies, Indian telenovelas, Mexican "soaps" and foreign music videos have dominated our Tv stations at the expense of our local Movies and music.

I personally believe that this is right as no other country will permit other foreign contents to be shown on their television. Ghana first and all other countries second. Some Ghanaians also hold a different view, that When Ghanaians can't produce any good content for consumers? They think banning telenovelas will do resurrect their industry? They are joking. Aside Shirley Frimpong's productions, which other Ghanaian produces good content?

One way story line with the same faces all the time. Well, some have Netflix and Amazon account and will subscribe to Las Estrellas and watch telenovelas in peace. They should work on their productions "na 3ny3 nea ehia nie". Nigerians are doing better in terms of content production yet Ghanaians think banning foreign content will do the magic for them. Has the foot ball fraternity banned international matches from airing? Yet they are doing good.

Below is the letter and reactions from Ghanaians online. What is your take on this?


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