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5 Female Celebrities Who Regretted After Doing Plastic Surgery (Photos)

Some celebrities are pretty happy with their results when they get plastic surgery. But unfortunately, that’s not the case for stars like Kim Kardashian and K. Michelle, because they have to deal with major complications or procedures that just didn’t turn out to their liking.

With more permanent surgeries, there’s sadly no going back in most cases.

1) . K. Michelle

The well-known R&B artist said that she had plastic surgery to improve her appearance. The singer admitted to obtaining butt enlargement surgery, but she afterwards regretted it since it harmed her career. After all, getting back into shape would be essential if she wanted to continue her work and run her business successfully.

2. Kardashians

She's also a well-known celebrity who's undergone plastic surgery to improve her appearance. To get rid of some bruises around her eyes, she said she inserted Botox injections. In retrospect, she realized the Botox injections were a mistake, as she now says they were unnecessary when she underwent plastic surgery.

3. Kardashian Khloe:

Kim Kardashian's famous sister also admitted that she underwent plastic surgery. When she got Botox injections in her face, she couldn't express herself, so she had to get rid of them. There's also a good chance she'd be scared to try it again after what happened last time.

4. Kylie Jenner

The well-known singer also underwent a plastic surgery procedure to improve her appearance. The procedure was done to make her lips appear fuller, but she afterwards regretted it. As well, she said, her sisters used to tell her she looked strange and that she needed to correct it.

5. Army child 

The TV host also admitted that she underwent breast enlargement surgery at the age of 18, but she regretted it because she was still growing at the time and needed her natural breast size.

What do you have to say about celebrities that have had plastic surgery to make their body bigger?

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