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Chilling in Heaven on Earth: Twene Jonas eating "Koose" in the US surfaces online.

Twene Jonas don't cease to amaze his fans. He is one of the most controversial social media activist currently in Ghana. Even though he is not in Ghana at the moment, he always makes videos directed towards the leadership of the country.

He loves flaunting his riches on social media and that attitude of his has always generate a debate among the youth of Ghana. Many people believes he is not rich as he claims whiles others think otherwise.

Koose is a food in Ghana that is mostly used for eating porridge. A picture of Twene Jonas surfaced online with him eating. This food that he was seen eating has generated a lot of stir in the media space. He said in that video which he was eating that, "chilling in heaven on earth".

This is quite funny because eating a local food in the United States of America is not chilling. Could this mean that he is not rich as he claims.

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