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All You Need To Know About The Legend(Bob Marley)

Who is Bob Marley?

Robert Nesta Marley, OM was a Jamaican singer, songwriter, and musician. Considered one of the pioneers of reggae, his musical career was marked by fusing elements of reggae, ska, and rocksteady, as well as his distinctive vocal and songwriting style.

Where was he Born?

Born on February 6, 1945 in Ann Parish, Jamaica, Marley helped introduce reggae music to the world and remains one of the genre's most beloved artists to this day. The son of a Black teenage mother and much older, later absent white father, he spent his early years in St. Ann Parish, in the rural village known as Nine Miles.

Who are his parents?

Sidilla Editha "Cedella" Booker was a Jamaican singer and writer. She was the mother of reggae musician Bob MarleyNorval Marley is the husband of Cedella Editha Marley Booker and the father of Bob Marley.He was a White Jamaican, notable for being the father of the reggae musician Bob Marley.

Some of His Song:

1.No Woman No Cry (1975)

2.Get Up Stand Up (1973) ...

3.Stir It Up (1973) ...

4.Redemption Song (1980) ...

5.Trenchtown Rock (1971)

Bob Marley shows courage because he believed in his Rasta religion as a way for god to heal him, or help him fight through it. ... Bob Marley is considered a hero for many different reasons, he wasn't someone who just sang about social justice;he practiced social justice in his life.

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