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The day I visited Hell, I heard a woman singing a famous worship song in Hell. Find out why (video)

Evangelist Jude has shared the revelation the Lord showed him when He took his spirit to Hell with Him. In a video on the internet, the evangelist was surprised to see something he had never seen in hell even though he had been there several times with the Lord.

He narrated how he heard a woman singing a song in Hell and wondered why it was so. He said “I heard a woman singing ‘I surrender all, I surrender all, unto thee my blessed Saviour, I surrender all.’

He continued 'she continued to sing the song till I became angry within me because I wondered why someone would sing this song in hell.'

When the pastor asked Jesus as to why she ended up in Hell, Jesus Christ told the evangelist to ask the lady directly. The evangelist then asked the woman ‘why have you ended in Hell?’

Aside the song she had sung, the first answer she gave to the question the evangelist asked made him surprised the more. He continued ‘the first thing she said was even though my husband ate the food.’

The evangelist then asked her for the meaning of what her husband eating the food has to do with her torture in Hell.

Then she replied that her husband was very poor man to the point that he did not even have the resources to take good care of her. This then forced her to take a boyfriend in addition to her husband.

She continued ‘whenever I had sex with him, he gave me money but when my husband also asked me where I got the money from, I used the money to prepare food at home and though my husband ate the food, I often told him that it was my mother who gave me the money even though he ate the food.’

Adultery is having sex with someone who is married, and the end outcome of Adultery is hell. First, admit to your husband or partner that you have had sex with someone else.

Then turn to God and beg forgiveness; for this is the only way to be forgiven. Don't go to God if you haven't asked your husband or wife for forgiveness.

And if you used the stolen money to pay Tithe, you will end up in Hell. If you lied to make things right, you are in danger of hell fire. If you sinned to do good, you are in danger of hell fire. Get away from adultery as a married spouse. 

You will end up in hell for not confessing to your partner no matter how religious or pious you are. However, confessing may result in divorce and great shame on earth, but you are exempt from the judgment for adultery.

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