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3 Most Unusual Cases Of Celebrity Plastic Surgery Disasters (Photos)

In an attempt to maintain a youthful appearance, actors and actresses have done their fair share of time in the plastic surgeon's office. A little injection here or there they can often get away with (though they may still be ridiculed by their choice to do so), but time after time, they come out from under the knife with a body full of mistakes. 

3 female celebrities who suffered after they had enhancement surgeries and how it happened

1) Apryl Brown, a well-known American author, sought to enhance the size of her rear end, but the procedure went horribly wrong when an unlicensed practitioner injected her with lavatory sealant instead of silicone.

To save Apryl's life, doctors had to amputate her hands and legs and remove a large piece of her backside's skin. Apryl, a once-complete woman, is now a permanent amputee as a result of her botched cosmetic surgery.

2) Hang Mioku

Hang Mioku, a well-known Korean model, desired to keep her youthful facial features as she aged. Her physicians declined to conduct any more surgeries on her because of the previous surgeries she's had.

Instead of silicon, she injected cooking oil into her face, resulting in horrific scars, a puffy face and neck, and a sagging jawline.

Fortunately, her supporters provided money for her treatment, and physicians were able to remove some of the toxic material off her face. That encounter, on the other hand, permanently altered her face features.

3) Monique Allen.

There's a well-known transgender woman named Monique Allen who's had more than 200 surgical procedures and more than 12 liters of silicone injected into her body to enhance her appearance.

Her plastic operations have left her crippled and deformed, and she's spent over £100,000 to have the silicone removed from her body, according to Monique.

What do you think about plastic surgery and why are women so obsessed with plastic surgery despite the huge disadvantages.

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