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Five celebrities plastic surgery gone wrong.

Well to celebrities getting a plastic surgery done is the same as how we folks get our car fixed. Even though it cost too much money, we don't know how to do it ourselves and there's quite a great possibility that it might all go wrong anyway!

Fortunately for us we don't live in our cars but regrettably , for bad plastic surgery jobs ,no matter how bad it is, there is no hiding. We are not saying that people shouldn't get a plastic surgery you know it's always good to feel good about our looks but these celebrities have made one thing clear. Stay away from bad plastic surgery, so let's dive in;


The actress has gone under the knife more than once and it shows quite badly. From all American blonde bombshell to well now Shauna is truly a member of the plastic surgery club.From lips injections to a rumoured nose job and her botched breasts. Shauna has stated that she regretted some of the work done. Most fans wondered why Sand went for the unnatural surgery in the first place when she clearly didn't need it . We clearly don't know.


She always ranks number one on the reason why not to get a plastic surgery and it's not difficult to guess why. Then again most people aren't hoping to look like a cat. We are not joking Jocelyn has repeatedly spent over four million dollars on plastic surgery all with the intention of looking more feline,to make matters worse her feline fantasies were all for the benefits of her husband! What?! Yes that's what Jocelyn other half wanted so that's what he got.


Seems like the Jackson family and plastic surgery go together. Well odd post surgery not before we not talking about Michael by the way but his sister Layota. Despite their rocky relationship, clearly Micheal and Layota shared a similar view when it came to having the work done.

Layota and the late Micheal Jackson noses are identical, imagine the fact that Layota is the female version of Micheal Jackson. In our opinion both Micheal and Layota looked perfect before having the surgery but the same cannot be said after the various operations.


We have another supermodel who wanted to turn their back on life's natural aging process and yet again it didn't work out well.

Janice has a complete different face compared to the one she wore during her successful modelling career and Yes we say wore because her before and after shots are completely different.


Tv star and one time beauty Nikki Cox went through a dramatic plastic surgery transformation that left her looking like a total different person from the one we remember in tv.

As most plastic surgery Cox was hoping to leave the surgeon's table looking 10 years younger, unfortunately she left looking 10 years older and a lot less richer ,while Cox was a hit on tv during the 1990s that memory and been a little tarnished now we all remembered her for reminding us of the scary side of plastic surgery.

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